Intervista a Mads Davidsen: match analyzer e allenatore U23 del Shanghai Sipg

Blog Calcio Cina vi porta a Shanghai, sponda Metal Eagles, in un’intervista esclusiva con Mads Davidsen, math analyzer, assistente di Sven Goran Eriksson e allenatore della rappresentativa U23 del Shanghai Sipg, con la quale ha vinto il campionato riserve dopo sei anni di dominio dello Shandong Luneng.
33 anni, danese, in patria Mads ha lavorato al Brondy FC, dove ha allenato la rappresentativa U19, prima di trasferirsi in Cina per collaborare con Eriksson inizialmente al Guangzhou R&F, per poi trasferirsi a Shanghai, dove ha collaborato anche nell’academy del connazionale Ebbe Sand.
Mads in questa intervista ci racconta della sua esperienza a Shanghai, sulla stagione che ha vissuto il Sipg e le prospettive future del calcio cinese.

1-Lippi is the new coach of National Football Team, do you think is this the right choice? What didn’t work with Gao Hongbo?

Yes, I think in this situation Lippi is the perfect choice. He has experience from the top level, know China and is well-respected in Chinese football, so he is the perfect solution. I also know Marcello as I met him in Guangzhou, where I also work there for Eriksson and he is a passionate coach, still eager to develop players. Gao Hongbo was to be honest in a very difficult job, where you can’t blame him for not succeeding as he lacks the international experience and therefore it’s correct to step down.

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 2-You won the U23 reserve League with Shanghai Sipg. What is the composition of youth league? Are there U15-17 and 19 tournament in China for professional club?

China is starting to have U18-league and U-league nationally, so it’s being developed, but the distances in this big county make it more difficult than where I’m from.

 3-From my reasearch Chinese Super League is an old Championship. This is the average play time for match for U21 players in the top 5 championship
-LIGA: 462′
-LIGUE 1: 424′
-SERIE A: 317′
In China the U23 average play time is just 132 minutes for game The question is: Why there is no space for young players in Chinese Super League?

For two main reason; the pressure on the coaches to deliver results, so not time or space for youngsters as the patience in China often are very limited. Secondly, we still need to develop the next generation better, give them a better football education and then it will come.

 4-How is the football culture in Shanghai for professional and youth game?

It’s also developing well. We have around 25.000 to all games and our fans also follow our youth teams – even some away, so just like the football on the pitch; it is also getting better outside. And before a Shanghai-Derby vs. Shenhua they city is buzzing and everyone is talking football, so it’s really, really good.

5-Last year the state council published a football reform, have you seen result for youth football and infrastructure?

No as we need to be patience. This project will take 15-20 years, before we see a real result. But therefore we will still see improvements along the way like our league CSL is much better and more competitive than just a few years ago.












6-Now football is a school subject. Is enough? From my studies, the way childrean learn mandarin is mnemonic, they are no crative, can this fact change their cognitive skills and create a negative impact on a collective and situational sport like football?

It’s true China in the past has performed better in single sports and closed skills sports, where football is a team sports and an open skills sports, but everything can be learned and the culture will adapt for it, but as mentioned; patience is the key. Youth Development is not a sprint – it’s a marathon.

 7-What do you think about the fact to develop football in rural areas, where there are a lot of open space where children can play. There is a good football community in Lijiang, Yunnan, and the primary school of Xinjiang are very strong

I think this is a very underestimated part of China’s potential. Now everyone talk Super League and national team, but there is so much potential around China and maybe data in football history also tells us that the best players often come from poor areas.

 8-Shanghai Sipg has a very great story, from Xu Genbao Academy to the top of CSL. now Shanghai has launched the Infinite Future Programm and a partnership with Hamburger HSV. What can you tell me about these project?

We have a cooperation with a couple of clubs and in general it’s about improving our knowledge and methodology. We know we need to improve and develop and therefore we need inspiration and guidance which we can find in Europe for example, so it’s a part of our journey to grow as a club.

9-Guangzhou Evergrande won the 6th title in a row, what do you need to compete for the title?

Evergrande is without doubt the most stabile team in China and their key is the stability; against them head-to-head we can often compete, but they have the experience to win the tight games and play in two tournaments (Champions League) at the same time, which our club and players have only just experienced this season. But let’s see next season – I predict a more tight CSL!

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  1. Lifan_K27 il said:

    SIPG ormai una grande realtà del China Football. Grandi giocatori, una vecchia volpe in panchina ed un progetto serio. Manca la continuità nei risultati, ma credo sia solo questione di tempo. Sono sicuro che nel giro di 2/3 anni questo club si consacrerà anche in Champions League.

    • Nicholas Gineprini il said:

      Crescono tanto, poi con il progetto Infinite Future allargheranno la loro rete giovanile. Occhio al nuovo Shanghai si Xu Genbao, il Chongmin

  2. Lifan_K27 il said:

    Ho letto in giro che per domani é prevista una conferenza stampa, dove si ufficializzerá l’ingaggio di Villas Boas. Ti risulta?

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